Hosted Exchange

Online E-Mail Hosting Service for Businesses

Hosted Microsoft Exchange takes the stress out of administering Email operations by centrally storing your mailbox data on a dedicated Exchange server.
All your mail, calendar, tasks, contacts and more are available via remote access from multiple web-enabled devices anywhere, anytime.
Enterprise Email Anywhere

  • The solution offers a robust, hosted, outsourced and fully managed implementation of Microsoft Hosted Exchange.
  • Located within Y-I.T.’s Data Centre, the service incorporates a range of security, content and management features in addition to a redundant network infrastructure system and the best engineering staff in the country.
  • The solution allows users to access their mailboxes in a number of ways: Outlook 2010 desktop client, Outlook Web Access (OWA), Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) and through any third party POP client.
  • Outlook Web and Mobile Access uses Microsoft ActiveSync as the conduit for delivery to Mobile Phones and Tablets.

Download the Y-I.T. Hosted Exchange Options price list.