Online Backup

Y-I.T. Online Backup offers award-winning speed and security.

Mobile access: it’s your data, access it anywhere.
Y-IT Online Backup gives you secure mobile access with any account. Simply log in to on any mobile phone with a browser. Access, share, and view your backed up files anywhere.

Securing Data Off Site
Your data will be stored securely in military-grade data centers. These data centers meet government standards for data protection. Y-IT Online Backup’s software utilises three levels of encryption to protect your data everywhere in the backup process. Your data is encrypted locally, in transit, and at rest in the data center.

Save Your Data Today with Y-IT Online Backup

  • Simple – One easy account for all your backup needs
  • Secure – Complete privacy protection
  • Mobile – Easy access from your mobile device
  • Powerful – Recover and restore your file versions